Rising Among is ever-changing. It is what you want it to be.  
Born out of the true desire to start a conversation, Rising Among brings forth a space for individuals to wear their mind. The idea of the brand was conceptualized, executed and launched amidst the pandemic in 2020. The brains behind the Streetwear label are former college roommates from the Fashion Institute of Technology New York - Riya and Amruta. Their combined expertise in business and design has created a strong foundation for the empire they hope to establish. They have aimed to create a space where individuals could get a free pass to speak, live, and wear whatever they want. The aesthetic is an amalgamation of the street styles of New York and Mumbai. Rising Among introduces authentic streetwear elements into the scene and hopes to speak out to the consciously aware generation of India through this platform.
“We are here to encourage individuals to start a conversation- about what they desire to 'Rise Among'. Streetwear should not be conformed to a box, rather it should push boundaries that have not yet been surpassed.”