"Homecoming" is our love letter to New York City, where we met, grew, laughed, struggled, and, most importantly, established the roots of Rising Among. Each piece, patched with memories from our early days, captures the city's infectious energy, which has a unique way of becoming a part of you.

When these ensembles hit the runway, think of them as letters from New York. Each piece laces you back to the story you once shared with a friend over coffee, talking about the time you caught that unreal sunset painting the skyline or the madness of the subway rush hour. They're a nod to the street lights that made you wonder, the energy that keeps you pushing forward, and the dreams that make this city, Home.

As we set the tone of this exhilarating journey and introduce Homecoming, we hope you not only lay your eyes on a design or wear a garment, but capture a memory, a feeling, a slice of New York. Because to truly rise among, one must always find their way back home.